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Month of April Gardening Tasks

Month of April Gardening Tasks

Treat acid-loving plants such as azaleas camellias and rhododendrons with an acidifying fertilizer [read the label].

When roses start to leaf out spray them with a natural fungicide such as neem oil or baking soda to control black spot and powdery mildew.

As gardens begin thirsting for water this spring add a 3-inch layer of organic mulch which holds in moisture and keeps the soil cooler.

Spring is the time when animals like rabbits deer and gophers begin raiding gardens in search of food. 2-3 foot high chicken wire fencing or hardware cloth supported by strong 3-foot-tall posts may keep them away from your garden plants especially those with young fresh growth.

Prune fruit trees before the buds swell so as not to lose flower buds. Divide perennials before new growth begins. Put newly divided plants in a well-drained location and amend with plenty of compost.

Prune all spring-flowering plants immediately after they finish blooming.

Watch for early-hatching aphids lace bugs and scales in their crawler stage. Most insects are easier to control at the infant stage.

If you're starting seeds indoors make sure you feed them as soon as a pair of leaves develops. A diluted liquid fertilizer or fish emulsion will give seedlings the nutrients they need. Do not let the seed flats dry out or be overwatered which may lead to damping off fungus.

Flower Gifts




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