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Garden Weddings

Tips for Garden Weddings
Planning a wedding can be fun, but is also known to be a stressful undertaking. For this reason, some may be reluctant to choose a theme like a garden wedding, as it can demand extra work. However, a garden wedding can be fun and elegant, and planning one can help make your wedding unique and memorable with little extra stress. If you are planning a garden wedding, remember to keep it simple and tasteful; there is no need to go overboard with a garden theme, and one of the great aspects of the theme is the simplicity of its design. The following are some simple and easy tips for planning an elegant garden wedding:

1. Serve popular garden drinks, such as lemonade and iced tea, in pitchers. Homemade sangria is an inexpensive and fun option that may also be served.

2. Place a trellis so that it will frame the ceremony, and cover it in green ivy leaves to set a summery but sophisticated mood.

3. Release butterflies. This is not only a symbolic act, but a beautiful and appropriate addition to a garden wedding.

4. Set up a bird bath as a decoration. Even if it does not attract birds, a bird bath can look beautiful, and will perfectly fit the garden wedding aesthetic.

5. Foreshadow your garden theme with festive invitations; make your own wedding invitations and press flowers onto them.

6. Use arrangements of fresh garden flowers as table centerpieces

7. Give out tiny potted plants as wedding favors.

8. Alternately, give out seed packets and tiny terra cotta pots as wedding favors.

9. Hire a live band. Live bands are optimal for garden weddings not only because they fit the mood, but because the open air allows the sound to carry.

10. Set up at least one bug-repelling device, such as a mosquito zapper, to keep pesky insects away.

11. If the garden is outdoors, prepare a backup location or rent a tent canopy in case the weather takes a turn for the worse.

12. Place floating candles or tea lights in any water gardens.

13. If you are planning an evening wedding, use tiki torches to light garden pathways.

14. For evening or night weddings, string white fairy lights in trees and shrubberies to light the wedding and set a romantic mood.

15. Use scented citronella oil and candles as a tasteful means of keeping mosquitoes at bay.

16. Plan to make yourself and your guests comfortable in the expected weather. Make sunscreen and paper fans available to your guests during day weddings, and consider setting up larger electric fans for particularly hot weather.

17. Use delicate fabrics such as lace and other light fabrics in soft, theme-appropriate colors as tablecloths.

18. Set tables with understated China in a subdued color like ivory and that features simple, elegant designs.

19. Serve light and simple appetizers such as fruit, cheese, and bread.

20. Consider setting up a buffet-style meal. Buffets are often a more affordable option than their alternatives, and suit the more casual atmosphere of a garden wedding.

Garden weddings are classy, elegant, and often much less expensive than more formal alternatives. If you are considering planning a garden wedding, do not let the extra planning associated with themed weddings frighten you: focus on simple and tasteful elements of design such as the ones we have suggested for a relatively low-stress and beautiful wedding.

About the Author:
Maddison Hendrix is a long time gardner and shares her knowledge in educational articles at Perennial Gardens http://www.perennial-gardens.com and Butterfly Gardens http://www.butterfly-gardens.com


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